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Trichology, the newest leader in the salon category, has successfully merged the hair industry with the latest in technology.  This one of a kind salon, in northwest Oklahoma City, features the latest “state of the art equipment” and services, including online web booking, email and text confirmation services, Thermal Digital Heat Processors, a convenient lap top bar for customers – featuring free Wi-Fi service, along with multiple flat screen TV’s and a décor package with the look and feel that rivals any “high end” salon in New York, or L.A.  We have not only created a progressive – yet fashion first company, but have also succeeded in providing the ‘ultimate’ salon experience for our customers.

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While we’re proud of our technological advances, our ultimate passion is hair.  Our  talented and creative stylists will not only help you decide which design will look best on you, but they will also help determine which one will be the most suitable for your personal style and everyday life.  We understand the importance of consultation, and will work with you to produce the perfect look.

The commitment we’ve made to our professional stylists, is to provide the most competitive and highest quality continuing education program available. This not only provides our specialized team of designers with continued and advanced learning, but also guarantees excellence for our clientele.